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Sectoses - Tecnycon

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Indústria - Tecnycon


Our company offers a global service to the industry, always based on our added value and experience. We have a wide range of products for industrial applications, from the control and regulation of STEAM, other gases and FLUIDS, with special attention to all manual or actuated valves and their countless accessories, including temperature and pressure measurement elements, pumping, sealing and complemented all of this with the conduction pipes and their connectivity accessories in the different existing standards.


Manufacturers of flexible hoses sector

Tubs flexibles - Tecnycon

We have multiple types of connection terminals for the ends of flexible hoses. Flanges in carbon, zinc-plated and stainless steel in all models and pressures according to DIN-EN, ASME and JIS standards, long-neck flanges, stubends and other accessories for welding, threaded accessories, shut-off valves, etc…

We have participated in several projects and, through research and collaboration with our clients in the sector and we have managed to present a package of products exclusively oriented to this area in order to favor the competitiveness of our clients’ finished product through the savings in the machining processes inside the rotating flanges.


Water and sewage treatement

Aigües i depuració - Tecnycon

At TECNYCON we distribute specific elements intended for the distribution and sectioning of water installations and connections, as well as for the treatment of wastewater. Gate, butterfly, guillotine and check valves of various types, and anti-vibration compensators, among others, are part of our extensive catalog of the range of valves used in this sector. We are present in the supply of these materials through engineering projects and installers in various facilities and WWTPs, both in national and European territory, also collaborating in the after-sales supply for the maintenance of said facilities.

Climatització - Tecnycon


Heating and Air conditioning

Our company distributes a wide variety of elements related to air conditioning, such as hot and cold water pumps, water accumulators, heat exchangers and the entire family of shut-off and control valves, as well as pipes and accessories for water conduction and ventilation.