The Accessibility Review of the website TECNYVAL CONDUCCIÓN, S.L. ( is the result of implementing, with the highest possible accuracy according to the technology used, the WCAG 2.1 accessibility regulations and in accordance with the annexes of the UNE-EN 301 549:2022 standard.

Manual validation result: Partially compliant


The tab order (Tab key) for links has been established in a coherent order to facilitate navigation for people with reduced mobility.

On this website, the “reduce motion preference” which a user can establish is respected. If a user has defined any of the following options, the motion effects will be disabled for this user:


  • Mac: “System Preferences > Accessibility > Display” and check/uncheck the “Reduce motion” box
  • iOS: “Settings > General > Accessibility” and turn on/off “Reduce Motion”
  • Windows 10: “Settings > Ease of Access > Display > Simplify and personalize Windows”

To facilitate reading of website content for people with low vision, the GESTORIA MAS SOLSONA, S.L. website is prepared for users to adjust the text to the size that is most comfortable for their reading.

Depending on the browser used, the procedure for doing so may vary:

Mozilla Firefox

Increase page size:


  • From the Menu: View > Page Size > Increase
  • Keyboard: [Control] +

Reduce text size:


    • From the Menu: View > Page Size > Reduce
    • Keyboard: [Control] –


Return to normal size:


    • From the Menu: View > Page Size > Reset
    • Keyboard: [Control] 0


Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome

Through the menu:


    • Zoom + <increase> 100% – <decrease>


Using the keyboard and mouse:


    • Increase text size: [Control] <scroll your mouse wheel down>
    • Reduce text size: [Control] <scroll your mouse wheel up>


If there are any problems accessing the content or you want to communicate any suggestions, you can send them to us through the email address: